Customer Reviews

"The very first Divine Bliss Cream I've got was as a present for my birthday. But once trying it I was sold. I just loved it. There is something very special in this cream, more you use it more addicted you are to the softness of your skin and texture of the cream. My skin just wants it more. You definitely feel different knowing you have that energy that cream caries. I got more compliments than ever from both my girlfriends and men. For a natural cream without any chemical fragrances, the smell is just uplifting and beautiful. Absolutely recommending it!!!!"

~Dana Greene

 "I've recently purchased "Deep Water Dreams" night cream. I was expecting a rich, thick cream with a possible heavy feeling, which was my usual experience with anti-aging creams. But I was pleasantly surprised with quite the opposite: the rich texture of this cream felt very light, without a greasy feeling and it was easy to spread. The morning bliss was another surprise: my skin felt so smooth and soft already after a few nights. I could easily go without a daily moisturizer and use it as my 24h cream. I highly recommend this cream! Thank you, Crystal Elements!"

~Vesna Hunt

"Thank you for making these Crystal-infused Creams with so much love and integrity!

So honored to have your amazing products in on our store!"

~Earths Elements Store

" Men usually don't use face creams, but trust me after this one you will say it is definitely worth it.

Your face and your appearance will change so much that people will tell that you are literally glowing!
Great product!"

~Zoran Vukmirica

"I loved everything about Inner Power cream!!! On a recent flight overseas my skin stayed hydrated for up to 24 hours!  This super-rich cream is a lifesaver for my dry skin.  I truly believe my custom cream is filled with the purest energetic positive elements.  It is such a wonderful product.  I bought a jar for my mom and she loves it too... I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up in a high-end department store soon."

~Nazanine Gharagozlou

"I love it!!! My skin instantly feels radiant, smooth and nourished. Not only that improves my skin, but my mood as well! This is a pure, high quality and high vibrational product and I recommend it to everyone who loves themselves and who is serious about their wellbeing!"

~Bojana Krzic