About Crystal Elements brand:

For over 20 years I have studied medicine, science, and metaphysics; I have always been fascinated with the idea that there is infinite wisdom, love, and power available to us if we know how to access it. As biohacker with the spiritual background, I was not satisfied with amounts of toxins we are putting on and in our body, day by day. For me, it was not enough to make a very clean product that doesn't contain any toxic ingredient but I wanted to achieve even more.

By working with people as a Human Upgrade Coach I see people feeling broken, my mission was to create a product(s) to help them feel whole. To help them get in contact with their inner/outer beauty, and self-acceptance, amplifying qualities that they have been created with. My goal was to ignite universal connection, inner harmony and freedom of natural beauty.

The idea for this unique brand came as a result of pure love towards nature and desire to offer something extraordinary and useful. In that pursuit, I bridged nature's essences and the quantum world. In a combination of what nature has offered to us and invisible (by the naked eye) laws of the quantum world, those facial cream formulations were created.  

Not only that formulations are bringing anti-aging properties, hydration, cellular protection, nourishment and vitality to your skin, but they are also explicitly charged and structured with crystal energies and vibrations. Each formula is different and infused to radiate and emit unique frequency and qualities.

Driven by research and science, I spent a significant amount of time finding the most precise way of structuring water and creams itself. Since water is a big component of it, let me explain why it is so crucial to be structured.

Water is the mirror that has the ability to show us what we cannot see. It's the most programmable substance on the planet that carries within our thoughts and prayers. Do you know that water has memory? It receives an imprint of any outside influence, remembering everything that occurs in the space that surrounds it.

Knowing this, I desired to create "practical science" to take these principles and put them in the practical use, by bringing life and energy in the water and my cream formulations.


When you energize water, you awaken that memory from thousand years ago when water was vibrant and positive. It was not enough to use distilled water or purified water, because of its ability to have the memory, it continues to carry the vibration of negative particles. Once you awaken its true nature and vibration, you get very powerful water that can transmit energetic information and influence your DNA. It accelerates cellular healing, nutrient uptake and boosts your energy level.  

Why crystals?

Not only for their natural beauty and symbolism of wealth, ancient cultures did anything they could to get these stones, but because they believed in their raw, energetic influence over the body, mind, and spirit. Crystals the ambassadors of eternity, nobody knows exactly how old they actually are. The first historical references to the use of crystals come from the Ancient Sumerians who incorporated crystals in magical formulas. Crystals and gemstones played a part in all religions. They can be seen on clothing and uniforms of holy men, princesses, and emperors. Gems and crystals have always been valuable companions fascinating people through their beauty and their energetic properties. Overall though the history gemstones were treated with deep respect.

Many people among them Nikola Tesla, believe that crystals are living organisms. As with any living organism, a crystal creates energy or life force. Energy has form, sound, color, and movement or what is called in metaphysics, vibration. When utilized with other energy sources, crystals can act as amplifiers.

Our electromagnetic field adapts to its frequency; it synchronizes vibration of our energy field.

Different types of crystals have different density, each type of crystal will vibrate at different frequencies and create different energy signature. As they have a unique signature, my creams also have their own signature and are created to boost, enhance, awake and amplify these characteristics.




Disclaimer: Metaphysical and alternative crystal healing powers and properties are not to be taken as confirmed advice. Traditional, mythological gemstone knowledge and folklore are collected from various resources and it is not the exclusive opinion of Crystal Elements TM. Gemstones selected do not guarantee any claims or statements of healing or metaphysical powers and cannot be held liable under any circumstances.